Saturday, July 31, 2010

Your Long Over Due Update

Ok ok ok...I have been getting emails, constant IM's, asking how Lily is doing. How we are doing, so on and so forth. I guess many must have missed my blog titled Blogging Hiatus. I took a much needed break after starting to get a lot of ugly emails, many were telling me I wasn't updating enough wasn't sharing enough of Lily's life etc. So, I did the opposite of what many had been wanting of me. I needed to escape from this blog, the pressures of writing on it all the time. I made the consciences choice when I was pregnant that I wanted to share Lily and her story, that I wanted to share our trials, triumphs, and heartache with everyone. It was my choice, but after getting ugly comments, and not so nice emails, it truly made me reconsider why I was even doing it. To sit here, to pour your heart out on a blog, telling strangers the personal details of your life, then to have it criticized was really to much. So I took the last 4 months off to reflect over it. Spent time with my children, put the blog away, and just relaxed. Not having to worry about if I had written enough to make everyone content with how Lily was doing. I am back now, but I will not be updating as frequently as I use to. I have a lot going on in my life right now, and still do not have much time to dedicate to this blog as I once use to. Once life settles down, I will update everyone with its happenings.

So now onto what you are really here for. (I will upload more pictures later)

Lilyana is weighing in at a hearty and healthy 34.3lbs. She is standing at 38" tall, and is thick and sturdy. She is bigger then her cousin Maddie who is a month older then she is and hasn't had 4 open heart surgeries. Lily is enjoying childhood, climbing on things, beating her brothers up, getting into things she knows she shouldn't. She is a 2 1/2 year old little girl who enjoys the word "NO" and taking toys from her brother. I look at her in wonder and amazement at how resliant she truly is. Sometimes I forget that the last 4 surgeries happened, then I take her shirt off and I see all her scars. She calls it her "Owwie". I think it hurts her from time to time with the wire in her chest. When she falls and lands on her chest she screams bloody murder and ends up sitting down for a good 30 mins afterwards. She knows her limits, but she likes to still test them. Always wondering if she can do more, wanting to do more, but she knows she gets hurt easy. I see new bruises on her daily because of her being on blood thinners. Which we are still playing with the dosages, we go up, we go back down, we are to high, we are to low. She bruises insanely bad, she will bleed nonstop at times (not enough to warrant and ER trip mind you) and then other times when they poke her finger she won't bleed at all. She still has every ounce of stubborness she was born with, with determination of steel, taking on life, like taking a bull by the reigns. Watching the wonder in her eyes when she discovers something new, listening to her giggle, hearing her cry, and enjoying my snuggles, I can't imagine a day without her. My precious baby girl, she truly is my rock, she is what calms me down when its a bad day, because she will always remind me how precious life truly is.

Well there is the long over due update on Lily. I will follow up in about a week with some pictures of all the kids and our happenings of the summer so far.

Love, Hugs, and Blessings,