Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who are you calling Fat....Mr.Bus Driver

OooooKkkkk...I know that's not a word...but lets not lecture me on that right now, cause goodness knows I have enough steam to blow off this morning....Where is this coming from you ask? Well, my last blog, below, has a reason for most of my anger this morning. It isn't even anger, it is more frustration then anything. So...if you don't want to read my rant, then just click the little X , well that is more of a big X but you get the drift, it is at the top of the page, in your right hand corner..............

You still here with me??? If you are hold on to your seats here we go.

My daughter is under no means, FAT. She is chubby, but with babies that is normal, with heart babies, well we all know the more cushion for the pushin is better then none at all. All heart parents and heart doctors will agree. She is in the 95% for her age, she isn't fat by any doctors standards, and if she grows like the boys, she will be built sturdy, but skinny. I mean, come on, my nickname was the flippin Tank, and here I am, 140lbs after 3 kids, for the record that would be a size 8 jeans, and I wear medium size tops, I have never been over weight except for once in my life, and that was while I was on depression medications, they aren't very food friendly. I may not be the 105lbs I was before Lucas, or the 112lbs before Austin, or even the 116lbs before Lily, but I am in no means fat. No one in my family or Chris's for that instance is fat, borderline fat, a little bit fat, nada. I hate the word Fat, it is such an ugly word. My children are all very active, they eat constantly and yet don't put on much weight. I was considered anorexic for such a long time, but anyone who knew me, knew that wasn't the case because I ate any and everything I could get my hands on, and I still do....hence the extra weight I haven't dropped since Lily....anyways....Lily....NOT FAT....PUDGY...BABY FAT....NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moving on....I had to go to the store this morning after I dropped Lucas off at the bus stop. But before that lets destress a bit, then I can get back to my anger management.

When Lucas and I walked out the door this morning, I wish I would have had my camera then. It is hot air balloon season, I have seen them at least once or twice the last couple of weeks. This morning was different because I kid you not, right behind my apartments 2 of them were on the ground getting ready to go up. I have never seen a hot air balloon that close up before...kid in the candy store over was neat. Lucas was like, "Mama look, they're so pretty." In all honesty I have seen prettier ones, but they are a marvel to see in person. These are a few of the shots I got from my lame digital camera. They were so far away so I had to accept the fate of the crappy pictures with my zoom.

I carried Austin out this morning in his Wolverine undies. He had me put him down and was like, "What are those?" I told him they were hot air balloons....and my 3 year olds response, "But mommy it's cold." Oh the logic...why didn't I think about that. I tried to explain to him quickly is a 3 year old way how they work, but he still go that, "I really don't care, let me go back to my cartoon" look on his face.

Now.....back to my aggression for the day...don't mind my attitued today, I am a bit sleep deprived because last night was the first night in 4 days I didn't take night-quill, needless to say, my body has had so much sleep in the last few days, I welcomed insomnia with open arms, I mean I can't sleep like a normal human forever now can I? Where would be the sense of that seeing I am normally a walking zombie with sarcasm. Well if you have miss it, I am back in full stride cause here I go.

Dear Bus Drivers,

We thank you greatly for doing us the service of carting our brood to and from school to be educated. We hope one day they will grow up and do something great with their lives and it is because of you, and your driving skills, or there lack of sometimes, that they are able to better themselves.

Now about these driving skills, please note, just because you are the biggest thing on the road well not to a Semi, or an oversized trailer, or the machines that work at construction you aren't the biggest....but still...your bus is bigger then my Pontiac Grand Prix, it is also bigger then all cars on the road, and family trucks. So with that being said, please remember, just because you drive something big, doesn't mean you own the road. I like my lane, I like my car, I like my life. There are these things on the road called lane dividers, you might see them from that lofty seat you sit on, and I understand that making turns are more difficult in that then a normal vehicle, but please, if you are going to cut the corner or that just happens naturally, then you need a warning on the back of that thing you drive. If you didn't know, I have a fear of Semi's and Bus's. I know you can't always see me, so I try to stay out of your blind spots, and I try never to drive next to you, but that wasn't an option this morning. And you reminded me why I truly do not like bigger vehicles. No I don't have bigger vehicle envy, I just know, that with bigger vehicles, comes bigger egos and me I know, I use to drive a truck, and I thought I owned the road. Back to the subject at hand. It is not ok for me to stop in the middle of an intersection next to a median in the middle of a turn because my options are either to run over the median or get hit by you. I do not like being honked at by cars behind me, it makes me want to get out and slap people...( to the person that honked at me, ummm HELLO...DID YOU NOT SEE I WAS ABOUT TO BE RAN OVER BY THE DANG BUS???? YEAH I THOUGHT SO) For those of you who don't know, when you type in all Caps, you are being serious and usually yelling....Oh and be thankful I didn't have the kids in the car, because when we stopped at the light, I know you are fully aware that I gave you a dirty look, if the kids would have been in the car I might have ran home and dropped them off, only to follow you back to where you were going, to have a nice long chat with you....yes I am crazy like that.

To finish this letter Mr or Mrs. Bus driver, please try to remember the courtesy or road rules, you are not God of the road...I am...I one is.

Thank you so much for your time and attention... it has been greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Stay out of my lane.

Love hugs and blessings

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's a bird...It's a plane...My goodness It's Lily!

So I have come to the conclusion that Lily is officially pudgy....GASP...I called my daughter pudgy, but it is true, I am telling you. She looks like the Michelin Tire Guy but with hair. She is about as white as he is...but look at her...she is a chunk...triple chins, thunder goodness. And believe it or not, she doesn't eat 3 meals a day because she has become stubborn and only eats when she decides it is right for her. Umm excuse me, but who's the parent... oh that's right, she's in control. She has officially stole the pants in the family, she weaseled the pants I stole from daddy and took them for her self, somehow she managed to fit into them and take control of the house hold....and even though I stand here to admit to this, doesn't mean she gets away with murder. If she hits her brothers she gets time outs, unless it was for a good cause.....I'M KIDDING people...sort of....When you grow up with older brothers and are the only girl, you gotta put up a good fight for things. And with all that extra pudge, she puts up a heck of a fight. I will hear from time to time, "Lily get off of me....get your butt out of my face." That-a-girl...I mean...bad Lily!

I mean can you honestly tell me after looking at those pictures that she isn't a chunk? I would be afraid of her if I was a child. I would be running away screaming, "Run away, it's baby Godzilla." Which I do from time to time as she chases me through the kitchen and giggles. She giggles now, but lets just hope when my family see's her, they don't give her my old affectionate nickname of "The Tank"....sigh...I just admitted to it, I was even pudgier then she is...and I would bulldoze my brother over without flinching, while he cried on the floor and I kept running....oh great, she not only got her perky and stubborn attitude from me, she's got the pudge to prove she's mine also...oh well, I guess I will take what I can get. If i can't get them to look like me, I will contribute baby fat and attitude...not always good things.

If you can't tell, all is well in the household, if you minus the cold we all have. Cough, congestion, mommy has a fever, but doing better. I think we are past the worst of it this time around...just hoping it doesn't get much worse then this, this year. But with Lucas being a school kid now, I know we are in for a slew of colds. Just hoping when it comes time for Lily's next surgery is, whenever that possibly will be, we aren't in cold season, and if we are, may Lily be healthy and ready. We have an apt coming up on the 13th, I will most likely update then, I don't have much to update other wise. My blog is quite slow these days.

Oh for those of you who read my blog frequently, off to the left in our heart friends list, I added a new name, Manson, he is a heart baby and is in need of our prayers. Please stop by his page to read more about this handsome CHD Warrior.

Until next blog,
Love Hugs and Blessings

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ball Game and Silly Lily

We are blessed to have such a great cardiac team, but on top of that, they go above and beyond to help all of us heart parents to stay connected by holding heart meetings and also events such as a Day at the Ball Park on top of other things like the Heart Walks and Picnic's at the park.
** To the left you will see a "Button" for donating to Lily's heart unit. I know times are hard, but every little bit helps. Without Lily's heart team we would be lost, and goodness knows how Lily would be. We are indebted to the team at St.Joes. If you are able and would like to make a donation, click the button and it will take you to a secure site to do so.**

We unfortunately don't make very many events due to Chris's work schedule, but we were actually able to make the ballgame and the boys had a blast, and Lily was a whirlwind monster. She is so big and that has always been on her side, and Dr.P and her surgeon Dr.C got to see my monster in action. Always on the go, moving, running, climbing, and almost never winded. It is wonderful to see her so energetic, knowing what is going on with her heart, you can tell it doesn't slow her down. Hopefully this strength will come with us into the next surgery, she is going to need every ounce of it to fight.
We got to watch the game in style, we were in a suite, I don't think the boys will enjoy their seats the next time we go..
Lily is almost always quiet while she is stuffing her face, popcorn is her new thing, and boy does she go to town with it
The Lily Monster in action, roaring, barking, and squealing, she was having a blast
On the way out I had to get pictures with my baseball fan, he was so thrilled to go, he is going to be a baseball play for Halloween and he wants to be one when he grows up

My 3 munchkins, the all look so much alike, but all different in their own ways. Lily and Austin look more alike then Lucas vs them, Lucas is a carbon copy of his daddy, the other two have more of me in them
We were getting ready to leave, Lily was thrilled to be getting out. Even though she is a toughie, we still keep her home bound most of the time. Better safe then sorry, and with Lucas in school, goodness knows we are going to get enough germ buggies this year.

My handsome handsome little man, just like his daddy!
Lily being the goober she is, always knows how to make a great picture even better!
Lily, are you praying for less crazy hair?
Please pick me up daddy, please?....and her please is, "Hi"...she says it so sweetly that you can't help but give her loving when she does....she now says it when she is in trouble, she will wave at you and say hi
She wanted the cookies that were on the inside, very badly!
My blue eyed monster!
Nothing better then a good, CHEESE!!!

All in all nothing exciting is going on around here. Lily's next cardiologist visit is on the 13th of this month, we have an echo that day also, so hopefully we will stay stable enough so Lily and I can take a trip to Missouri this fall and visit Lily's god parents. Mommy needs a vacation. It would just be Lily and myself and Chris would be at home with the boys. The great thing about St.Louis, is they have a great children's hospital with a great cardiac unit and team. Lily's Godmother was a heart baby also, not to the extent of Lily's conditions, but enough to warrant surgeries and cardiac apts.

I will update as soon as any new news comes in, it is hard to blog when there is not much to blog about...well Lily wise that is, I have my own blog for my own blogging, but I don't seem to get over there much anymore. I blog in my mind, which is short for saying, I am to dang lazy to type it all out. Then again, seems like I don't have much time these days until it is late, and then by that time I am way to tired to do it. Yes Yes Yes, for those of you who know me you are thinking, but Jenna, you are up until the wee hours of the morning anyways so what is the big deal with finding time to write? But for those of you who enjoy writing, blogging is difficult to do when it is 3am, and your brain is functioning only due to the fact of it is restless but can't string words together to form comprehensible sentences. So what I am saying is, I will stick to sudoku, that is about all my brain can handle at that time of the morning.

Love Hugs and Blessings