Friday, March 18, 2011

Elaina Elizabeth Jeanine

The beauty of pregnancy has always fascinated me. Knowing how a baby is created, and no I am not talking the logistics of it, I am talking the sperm, the egg, creating a the bundle of cuteness at the end of 10 months. It is beautiful knowing that this tiny creation is being held securely in my belly.
The above picture is me at 10 weeks
The picture below is me at 20 weeks
This is me recently at 30 weeks
And this little miracle below is Miss Elaina Elizabeth Jeanine
She is quite the active little girl and has kept me on my toes this entire pregnancy. This first half of the pregnancy I was either so nauseous, throwing up, or taken out by a headache, there was no room for enjoyment. I ended up in the hospital for 3 days getting IV fluids and nutrition. Put on several different anti-nausea medicines and constant pills to try to control my headaches.
Then the 20 week mark came, things started to calm down, still had the headaches but not as bad, I could eat, just not a lot. I could only stomach about 3-4 bites of anything before having to call it quits....I lost on and so forth....
Then things started to look up as I was finally able to eat more and headaches didn't have me in bed all the time. I started working, I started gaining weight back slowly, then I started getting sick with blasted immune system has been horrible this pregnancy. Bronchitis, Walking Pneumonia, Double Ear infections, sinus infections, Influenza A, Kidney infections, UTI's. Then lets add the pulled muscles from all the coughing and then the contractions that started up... Yup...on my toes indeed. Ive been in L&D 3 times now having to have shots to stop my contractions. The good part is they didn't cause any dilation and my cervix has only just recently started thinning.
So...with all this being said, this is my very last bundle of joy that I will ever carry within. It is scheduled for the day after delivery that my tubes will be tied. My body can not physically handle carrying another child and in all honesty I am not saddened by this at all. 4 children is enough. I have always wanted a big family and that is what I have.
I will be induced with Laina around the 37 week mark if she doesn't decide to come out earlier then that.
She is heart healthy along with everything else looking beautiful. She is weighing 3lbs...probably a little more seeing that was 2 weeks ago that we were told that weight. I can't wait until she is here in my arms, to smell that sweet newborn baby smell, to count her fingers and kiss those little cheeks, to be able to cuddle during nursing. To be able to enjoy all the wonders of newborn again, this time without tubes, wires, and medical equipment.
The kids can't wait to meet their little sister, Lily is looking forward to being a big sissy. She has already started taking her dolls aside and telling me which ones baby Laina can have. Hopefully she stays that generous once her sister gets here....knowing her she will remain just as sweet and caring and kind-hearted because that is just who she is.
I am a blessed woman to have a life so full of love and joy, I could not ask for more.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Maaee...I 3!!!"

Sweet Sweet Lily
Little Little Lilybug
Precious Lily
Princess Lily
Mama's Lily

Who would have thought a song I began singing to her at 5 days old would have stuck. A song that calms her when she gets an owwie, when she is frightened, when she is sick. One her brothers sing to her to make her laugh when she is in a bad mood. It is hard to ever get upset at this sweet little girl.
Sweet Lily-Lou just celebrated her 3rd birthday. One I didn't dare imagine when she was born. I never imagine her birthdays ahead of time but when they come, it is a day of joy, a day of blessings and thanks, and as our heart buddy Bela's mommy put it, "Birthday's are always happy and special, but yours are truly magical!"
I sit and listen to the sweet miracle tick of your heart as your mechanical valve keeps it working for you, and it is never hard to be remind how truly blessed we are to have you as our daughter. To have walked this journey with you, and to continue walking it with you.
To see your eyes light in wonder and excitement, to see the look of awe come across your face, makes me have to swallow such a big lump in my throat.
You keep growing but I want to keep you small forever. I watch you play dress up, play mommy to your babies, and get down on the floor and play hot wheels with your brothers. Not a day goes by that you amaze us. Such a happy little girl for all you have gone through. I could not be more proud to call you mine and have you as my daughter.
Thank you Lily for being the beautiful miracle you are, you are my inspiration, you are who mommy wants to be like.
You are going to be such a great big sister and I hope she takes notes from you.
I love you Lilybug...
Happy Birthday Love