Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweet Misery

Main Entry:
\ˈmi-zə-rē, ˈmiz-rē\
Inflected Form(s):
plural mis·er·ies
14th century
1 : a state of suffering and want that is the result of poverty or affliction
2 : a circumstance, thing, or place that causes suffering or discomfort
3 : a state of great unhappiness and emotional distress

I will take Thing, or place that causes suffering or discomfort for a thousand Alex.
As of last night a whirlwind of, accidents, purposeful and circumstantial misery has happened. I was walking up the stairs again last night...and me being me, missed a stair and twisted my ankle. Skinned my shin, cut up my hands a wee bit but all in all, I came out better then I usually would. That is a sad statement to admit to.
Last night as I sat down with my neighbors, I had my baby monitor with me so I could hear the kids, seeing daddy was out on a daddy's night out. I locked the front door so they couldn't open it if they woke up. Well there was one time I didn't lock the door and I do believe it was for a reason. I had come upstairs to check on the kids, refill sippies and Lily's bottle and then headed back down stairs. I left my keys on the counter, not realizing it until I was already back down stairs. About five minutes lapse, we see my downstairs neighbors coming in from their evening, *it was about 2am* We all waved and said hello and said good night to them. As they continued walking, they stopped abruptly and looked up at my window, like they had seen or heard something. I got a sickening feeling and turned the baby monitor up, I heard nothing. I looked back up at my window and all of a sudden I heard a blood curdling scream. All of us shot up and I flew over the patio wall before anyone else had moved further then standing. I flew past my down stairs neighbors and bounded up the stairs by twos. I scared the crap out of them when I flew by but I didn't even stop to apologize. I was in mommy mode. I flung the door open and ran down the hallway. No lights were on, I jumped over boxes (mind you, this was after I ate it going up the stairs), I flung open my bedroom door, Lily was wailing, it was a, "Mommy it hurts cry." I turned the light on and there she was with her leg stuck in the bars of the crib. Her arms were hanging out, she looked at me, reaching for me when she saw me. I worked her leg out of the bar, which let me tell you wasn't easy, her legs seriously have some chunk to them. When i got her chubba leg loose, I scooped her up and cradled her to me. She was gasping, her lips were purple, she was sweating like crazy. She couldn't have been stuck like that for more then 5 minutes seeing I had been up and checked on her about 10 minutes previously.
Once getting my adrenaline down, I became angry, I thought the bars on the cribs were suppose to be made so that couldn't happen. I finally headed back down stairs, to the awaiting question of what happened. I hadn't realized it, but I was shaking. I didn't remain downstairs for much longer, not being comfortable with it. I headed back up, to trip again, but not nearly as bad that time.
Then waking up this morning, I proceeded to step on Lucas's Thomas Computer, which was hiding in a laundry pile in the hallway. Don't worry, it wasn't my bad ankle that I landed on it on, it was my good one, so now I have matching tweaked ankles.
Then continuing on, I was closing the door behind Chris today as he left for work and we all said our goodbyes and got our kisses and hugs. The kids had been playing on the entry way tile with their cars, needless to say, I went to turn around and one jabbed through my foot. Yes...THROUGH...blood, cursing to myself...I picked that blasted car up, to throw it straight into the trash.
So lets review, two tweaked ankles, a bloody foot, scraped hands, shins, and wrists......lets continue....of course there is more.
I then proceeded to unlock the bathroom door so the boys could go to the bathroom before nap time, (we lock them because of Lily and her fascination with the potty) Well, when they were coming out, i had reached over to put the key back, while I held myself in place, I leaned over, by holding onto the door frame...can you see where this is going??? Just in case you haven't I will fill you in. Austin closed the door on my fingers, of course it was intentional but it didn't stop me from screaming, then giving him a swift pat on the butt. He looked at me in total shock. I told him it wasn't his fault but he "HAS TO LOOK" before closing doors. He seems to be the one who will close peoples extremities in the doors. We remind him every time that he needs to look before closing...hopefully he will get it sooner rather then later...thankfully it has only been mostly my fingers and Lucas's once or twice. Lily and daddy have yet to be exposed to our finger smashing sessions.
I laid the boys down, kissed them for their nap after prayers, then was heading back to the living room, my toe caught Austin's bed, I ended up leaving the room by hopping following by the giggles of the boys.
Recounting, Ankle's, Foot, Toes, Hands, Wrists, Shins...oh my
I went to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher. I opened the cabinets so i could just offload the dishwasher quickly. As i was coming up, my forehead smacked into the felt fabulous. I just laughed at this point...throwing my hands up saying, "Really?? Really?" I did not ask , "What else can happen?" Cause I in all honesty didn't want to know.
I was walking out of the kitchen and a sippy was on the floor and had been leaking. I of course hadn't noticed it, I slid, caught myself on a chair, only to double over it from the force. Stomach pain isn't so grand when just about the rest of your body is hurting.
Sooooo....after all of that, I grabbed a Tylenol and a Motrin, a soda, I sat my hiney down onto the couch, and grabbed my oh so wonderful lappy. Which I will mention, I have only dropped once on my foot while i was typing this.
Yes...I know, I am a need to mention it to me...
I do hope your day is going better then mine. Although, I do know, it could have been a lot worse. Believe it or not, from all of the above, I am walking away with only one bruise to show of. I hope to keep it that way for the rest of the day. My one girlfriend told me I should stay out of the car a way I think I might agree with her. But I will put my trust in the Lord that he will keep me safe, even through all my klutziness....I hope.....
Love Hugs and Blessings

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Look it's Cousin it!

So after a long discussion with Chris and after looking at these pictures, we have come to the conclusion that Lily NEEDS a hair cut!
The movie in the background on the TV is Lily's favorite, it is Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses. She dances to it and everything. I really have been trying to get a clip of her dancing. It is too darling!
If her hair isn't pulled back into a ponytail or pigtails, (still trying to figure why they call them pigtails, I can get it if they curled, but I have stick straight hair, as does my daughter) Ok, sorry, back on topic. I mean look at her, poor girl, I would be ripping my hair out in frustration if it was me. I can not stand hair in my face, that is why in almost all the pictures you will see of me on here, my hair is in a ponytail. I will get a bug up my butt every once in a while and go, "Hey, lets chop my hair off." It will be cute, and adorable, but let me tell you, if I can't pull it up, all H-E-double hockey sticks breaks loose. I love bangs, but if they get to long, ugh, I go hunting for bobby pins. I can't stand hair on the back of my neck, especially in the heat, and defiantly in the humidity, which us Arizonians know comes during our monsoon season. Which weirdly enough is my favorite part of the year. The storms, the smell of the rain, the clouds. It is truly beautiful to look up into the sky and see God's power at work. I stand in awe of it all, nature is powerful, but God out ranks natures power any day.
So as you can see by the picture above, my house is a mess. This time it is because of packing and the lack of organization with 3 kids running around. If I pack a box up and don't tape it, walk away, I will come back and find the contents of it back on the floor, thanks to Lily that is. The boys know better. They are actually excited to move. We took them to the new apartment and they LOVE it. Every day I hear, "How many more days until we move?" As of right now we have 34 days until we pack up the trailers and close the door to what we have called home for the last 2 years now. I hate having to move my kids, but thankfully none of them are in school as of yet. But starting this fall, Lucas starts, and he can not be any more excited then he already is. Chris and I have our agreement of, we will not move out of the school district that our children go to school in. It is not fair to move them all around once they start school. Chris is the lucky one of him and I. He went to one school up until High School. We would love to put our kids into the same Christian school he went to, but financially we can not, so we are stuck with good ole public schools. Which that is where i come in. I am a product of public schools, what do I mean by "Product?" Well over my K-11 (yes I never finished HS, I got my GED) back to the point at hand, I went to 16 different schools. I didn't learn to read a clock until I was in 5th grade, lets talk embarrassing. And then on top of it, I was raised a Jehovah Witness, which seemed to single me out as a child.
Ok so where am I going here? Ahhh yes, kids, school, moving...NO. I want my kids to have what I didn't. I want them to have childhood friends. I want them to be able to remember their teachers names with out causing them a headache. I want them in a good school district, none of which I was really in when I was a child. Those are stories that I won't go into. I did not have a privileged childhood, none of which I want to subject my children to. I know what it is like to go hungry, wearing out grown clothes, having no shoes that fit, wondering how much longer the roof over our head was going to be there. I grew up to quickly, I am 23 going on 50. I have been around a few blocks in my lifetime...maybe more like a few states. did I start my walk down memory lane...Moving....that's right
34 days and counting, 34 days until i can take my children outside without having to look over my shoulder, 34 days until I can leave my phone inside on the charger instead of my back pocket. 34 days, until I can register my little boy for school, 34 days until our new beginning.
Love, Hugs, and Blessings

Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Award received and Awards Given out

So I didn't know I had been given a blog award until my friend Joy, commented me to let me know about it. A little quickie on how Joy and I met. We are in a Cafemom group called Moms Of Children With Heart Conditions . If you are a part of the Cafemom world and are a heart parent, please stop by and join the group. We would love to meet new members and talk with you about your precious little one's heart, and discus any medical questions, from a mom's standpoint, we can. We welcome all with open arms, and we love progress reports on how everything is going in your CHD world. ...... Ok, enough with my "Come Join my group" speech.
I want to thank you Joy for recognizing our blog as one our your favorite reads. I check up on Lily, (Her daughter is a Lily also) as often as you post. I'm not sure how I missed your Award post. I think I have been preoccupied with checking in on little man Stellan and precious little boy Ethan.
I love reading blogs that have to do with everyday life of a CHD parent. I am humbly reminded that our life could be more hectic then it already is. Lily is a strong little girl and I am reminded of that when I swing by others pages. Our CHD Warriors all put up a good fight and I am blessed to read about all of them.
So, without further ado, it is my turn to hand out some blogger awards.

****The rules*****
Mention who gave you the award: From our Family to Yours aka Joy
Pass it on to 15 others or as many or as little as you have time to link to:)Let them know you have given them an award.

These are my top favorite blogs. Blogs I visit at least once I am not a blog stalker, i swear, I just like checking for an update, and no matter how good my side bar shows me updates, it doesn't always show them right on time. So, please, swing by and check out the blogs I have posted. If I know you all pretty well, I think you all are friends as it is. But for my readers who just swing by my blog from time to time, swing into theirs. From 2-8, we are all a St.Joes family. We have been blessed with getting to know each other from a hospital that has some of the finest surgeons/doctors/and nurses, that our country has to offer, I am a little biased because we love our hospital. But truly, the staff there is phenomenal, and we all have been blessed to have them in our lives, and have a chance to meet one another.

As always,
Sending our Heart Hugs out, Love, and blessings.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prayers for baby Ethan!!!

As stated in the blog title, Prayers are needed for baby Ethan. He is a heart baby, with HLHS. He just went in for his Glenn on June 2nd, all went well, with a few minor set backs, but as of last night he has had MAJOR set backs. He is stable, but by the grace of our heavenly father and his wonderful guidance and knowledge he bestowed onto the doctors at St.Joes, yet again. To read in full about what is going on, please head over to his mommy's blog, to read about his journey.
He is in Lily's good luck room. The room she teetered in the arms of the Lord, where he held her close, when there was nothing more we could do but wait. We feel a sense of peace when we are in that room. Even when we went to visit, stepping into the room, I felt the Holy spirit with me again. So much happened to us in that room, so many memories. I am humbled when I am in that room, and I can't help but feel that Ethan will come out of all this on top.

Our prayers are with Heidi and Greg through all the curve balls Ethan throws. Please join us, I know we all have room in our hearts to add another to our prayers.

Love Hugs and Blessings

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stress, Relaxation(breathing),& a Clear road.

I have been nothing short of a lazy blogger. Chris had 4 days off, the kids were gone for 3 of those days and then we had friends over. Life has been crazy hectic over the last week since I last posted. Boy oh boy.....where do I start?

Ahhh well with Lily of course. Well she went to the cardiologist and guess what???? Her pressure is holding stable, still high (70%, *80% means surgery*) Being upped on her beta blocker seemed to have done the trick, even if it is just a temporary fix, we will take it. Dr. Rhee wants to get her sleep study done, along with her Swallow study. After we get the results back on that, then we will take it from there. Surgery may be able to be postponed to the end of the year instead of the end of the summer or beginning of the fall. We may have bought a year with the valve after all..... So, what does all this good news mean??? We have 2 months until our next cardio visit!!! ** Doing a happy dance over here, (which I am very glad you can't see)**

Oh AND...yes more good news!! She is weighing in at a hefty 25 lbs 13 oz...I just like to say 26lbs!! Oh and she is baby Godzilla, reaching heights of 31 1/2 inches tall. *Watch out, she is going to be a basketball player like her daddy* (If not a basketball player, she will be a pitcher, cause let me tell you she's got a heck of a throw to head and the various bumps would show you the proof of my words).....then again...I think they would be slightly embarrassing, that my daughter has such brute strength, that she is bruising me.....not that she means to, she just doesn't know her own strength.......I hope!

After talking about my daughters abusive ways, lets move on to other things, proving to you she is not the spoiled princess of my household.

Seeing the title to this blog has the word STRESS in it, I think I need to elaborate on it just a smidgen.

Without going into huge details or divulge anyone's name, I will help you understand the headache i have been dealing with over the last month.

An acquaintance of mine, who I became friends with (her fiance was an old co-worker of mine), had a bit of a falling out.(I have yet to learn how to do strike outs like many of you, so I have to go with...) Ok...not a BIT of a falling out...more of like a HUGE falling out!...Like I said, no details, but it got to the point were she would not leave me or my husband alone. Contacting me through Lily's mypace page after blocking her from mine, and went even further with contacting me again through her fiance', and then contacting Chris, with a harassing and threatening email. I could not even go out side without her being out there, reprimanding my children, having her daughter tell them they were mean and bad kids. It got ridiculous and way out of hand. So after spending time praying about what needed to be done, I printed all the emails, (mine included) and headed to the courts to put a restraining order against this person. After going before the judge I was only able to get protection against Chris and myself, she had not personally harassed the children, *just her child mind you*. After my lovely day at the court house, I had to come home and hire myself a process server. Who I talked down from the initial price of $75, to $40, to have her served. Also seeing we live in an apartment complex, I had to take all documents to the office and have them put them on file, which our apartment complex manager is still waiting to hear back from his lawyers to let us know if our lease will be broken or what will be done, seeing we live so close to each other.

I will honestly admit that i was sickened to have to do any of it, but I could no longer tolerate it. It is one thing with me, but when you drag my husband and children into it, mama bear comes out of hibernation and my pretty, easy going, "hey Jenna, nice to see you!" side doubles back into the cave instead. I still get the threatening glares, along with threats through her myspace status. (No we are not friends on myspace, but after being served she got really nasty), everything from, CPS has been called on me for neglect of my children, to she has surveillance equipment on her patio to monitor me to give to CPS, to show them I am a horrible mother.

I just shake my head, knowing she is trying to scare me back into the house with my children, but I have nothing to hide. I love and adore my children, but if they disobey, then they will get a time out. If they run out into the street we will have a stern talking along with a swift thump on the butt. *oh boy...I just admitted I spank my children* should I duck and cover and check over my shoulder? ??

No! A spanking is different then beating. Proverbs 13:24 (NIV) "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him." I stand firm in my children's raising. I run a tight ship, but a loving one. I want my children to grow up respecting them self, their elders but mostly the Lord himself. I have been called out on my relationship with the Lord. Saying the Lord is not by my side because of the sins I have committed in my life time. Deuteronomy 31:6Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." My heavenly father knows my sins, he knows my heart and he knows I am repentant to what others still try to condemn me of. I was taught not to stand in a room and look at others with eyes of judgement. That when I stand there, i am to look at myself as the greatest sinner in the room. I stand not in judgement of others, seeing it is not my place to judge them for the wrongs they have committed. When my time comes, I will not stand before God with anyone next to me. I will stand alone and be judged for my decisions in life. I can not turn my finger and say, "Well Lord, you think I am bad, just look at what they have done." Our father looks as murder and adultery the same, alone with theft, lies and so much more.

I take control of my life, and let the Lord guide me to where he chooses. I make the consciences decision to listen or not. My hand is not forced, nor do I make a choice recklessly. I was always one to dive head first, I am being taught to "look for water first" "understand all or most of what lies ahead" and "go foot first." I am and always will be a pupil and a child, that needs life's lessons and a father's direction.

Alright, now that I feel that the Holy spirit spoken to me and through me, I will get back to the rest of this blog.

Now that we passed the Stress part of this segment, I will move onto the relaxation and clear road. Yes more then Lily's good news. Our lease is coming to an end, at a place we have called home for 2 years now. We were looking and looking for a house, but found not what we wanted and nothing we were comfortable with. Chris even told me, "This just doesn't feel right. Every time we have moved, it has felt right, but none of this feels right." And I completely agreed with him. As much as I wanted a home to call my own, it just isn't the right time in our lives. When it is, I am sure we will feel at peace with our decision. So after much crying *on my part* and much praying *on my part also*, we finally found our new place. Another apartment, but it is much bigger then the one we are currently at. Another 2 bedroom, which will shock most of you, but the kids room is so large, we feel comfortable with our decision of them all rooming together. Lucas starts school this year, so Lily's one nap will not be interrupted by the screaming of the boys, or the needing to play in the room. Austin will play in our large living room and have the HUGE play closet for toys, or the grass courtyard to run and play in, conveniently located right outside out front door. All of this seems to have fallen into place with such ease, but I do not foresee a bump in the road, (but am always at the ready).

We are moving up to Carefree Highway and the I-17. 27Th Dr to be exact. I will be enrolling Lucas into school here over the next few weeks. We are all excited about the pending move. It just goes to show once again how mighty our God is. That through, stress, tears, heartache, anger, frustration, he can and will help you give you a rainbow of promise. That even when you feel as if you are standing in a storm, you will make it through, you just have to learn to dance in the rain for the time being.

I am dancing in the rain, barefoot, and in a tank top and shorts, (how else do you do it, in the middle of summer in Arizona?) If your going to do it, nothing like doing it right. As a true Phoenician (you will not hear me admit that very often, better print this off, to use on me later, as I will correct you and tell you I am a SoCal girl)....I have no umbrella, no rain coat, or boots. So I will kick off my flip flops and walk out open armed in my storm of life. And no matter how hard all of it gets, I will always look for my rainbow! Genesis 9:16Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth."

Love Hugs and Blessings

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Day of Fun in the..Sorta Sun

To those of you who know me, going out in the sun is not something I do often with Lily. Most of the time I take her and the boys out once the sun is going down. Because of her cardiac meds, to much sun exposure, it can cause her to have a stroke. So..mommy worry bells go off and she doesn't get to go out very often.

Well the other day I took the kids outside while it was slightly over cast, but still hot and relatively humid. Being the SoCal girl I am, I know that even if it is cloudy, doesn't mean you can't get burned. Slapping sunblock on all three munchkins, we headed down stairs for some fun in the covered up sun. Our neighbor provided the kids with a hose, needless to say, next thing you know, all the kids are outside. We all had a blast, (Yes I joined, I am still a kid at heart). The kids played for 2 hours in the water, then once dried off, they played more on their scooters and such. Needless to say, they were all ready for bed, I think they all fell asleep no more then 5 minutes after I laid them down.

Lily was protector of the tap, she stayed back there and giggled as she watched the kids run around and play. She knows better then to get in the middle of all the older kids, it's not that they want to hurt her, they all just get carried away
Oh no....she left the water all alone.
But she looked oh so cute
The little tongue stuck out, I usually don't get a picture of it while it is out, but she wasn't looking so I captured it.

Here are the boys, soaked and having a blast.

My ham, a spitting image of his daddy, except the chubby cheeks. He always poses for pictures with a grin on his face.
We are trying to beat the heat, which is a hard thing to do in Phoenix, heck what am I talking about. Its all of Arizona, well from about the central half of the state and down.
I hope every one's summer is off to a great start, it officially summer yet??
Nope..just checked the's still spring.
We're off to a roaring start
Love, hugs, and blessings

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Take of Kids TV Shows

So as I sit here today and watch Rugrats with the kids as we try to beat the phoenix heat, I am wanting to write the creators of this show and give them a piece of my mind. Don't get me wrong, it is a cute show, the babies crawling around, getting into all types of mischief but when you get down to the nitty gritty details you can't help but cringe at the message behind it all. (Wow, that was a run on sentence) What is the message? Well, first lets talk about the parents. Who would let toddlers and younger run around the house with free reign. Upstairs and down, no parents in site. Then when the parents go to look for them they freak out at the mess they have made or the plain fact that the don't even know where the kids went. I know we all have our moments where we leave the kids unattended BUT can you honestly say you couldn't find your kids? I almost feel that parents were negligent in the show. Granted it is a TV show, what is it teaching children? That if your parents don't know you are doing it, it is ok?

Then second thing about that show, there is this little girl named Angelica who is nothing but a spoiled brat. She screams at everyone to get her way, refuses to do what her parents ask until they give her what she wants, etc. I know this is where parents step in and tell their children that the way she acts is wrong and not how to get what you want. But I can't help but say Lucas has picked up on several of her bad habits. She treats younger children horribly and sometimes beats them up/pushes them around.

I truly think the show was inappropriate and I don't like Lucas or Austin watching it. But Chris thinks I am over reacting and sees no harm in it. I on the other hand see the impact it has on Lucas first hand daily.

Now Austins favorite show is Blues Clues, the show may get irritating with "Here's the mail" or "We Just got a Letter" but the education values are phenomenal. Austin has to have a note book just like Joe or Steve and it is his "handy dandy notebook." I can not take credit for Austin learning his shapes, that was BC as we like to call it. And do you think it was I who taught him the color chartreuse? No not I. They teach friendship and kindness, sharing, and so much more. They teach you it is ok to be angry or upset but not to be mean to your friends because of it. That when you are upset that it helps to talk about things. You ask Austin whats wrong when he is upset and he will tell you, "I'm sad because...." or "I'm soooo Mad at....." for a 3 year old he has a good handle on his emotions...well ok, not the best seeing he will throttle his brother for taking a toy...and Lucas doesn't help much when he take a block and throws it Austin's head...but boys will be boys right?

But the one show I am all for them watching is Veggie Tales. I love the ways they tell bible stories. Larry the cucumber cracks me up. It wasn't until my second time through Jonah that I realized they had no hands or feet. Because of that show and our constant talking about God in the household the boys know so much about their heavenly father and creator. Lucas stopped me the other day and asked, "Mommy where did the world come from?" We told him God made it in seven days. He was like, "Wow, that is a long time....." he stopped and thought about it then looked back up at me and proceeded to ask, "Mommy, i know babies come from mommies tummies, but where do people come from." The complexity of the question from a 5 year old. We have told him the story of Adam and Eve many of times but with his Autism he doesn't seem to retain the information the same as other children. So I took him over to his book shelf and grabbed their book of bible stories and sat down and read to him. The funniest thing about when I read to him about Adam and Eve was when I finished. He looked up and me and said "Mommy, apples are bad." I never thought about it that say an Apple a day keeps the doctor away, so they aren't bad for us, but to an innocent mind, apples are bad because they caused Adam and Eve to commit sin...oh well it was Satan but I could see why he thinks it was the apple...snakes don't talk, so it is silly that there is a talking snake in his book. LOL....

I love the way children's minds work, so innocent to it all, wanting nothing more then to take it all in.

So all in all, what did we learn from my random post.

1:) Rugrats....Bad
2:) Blues Clues. Great educational show
3:) Veggie Tales, great spiritual messages along with appropriate humor

Yes, I am selective about what my children watch. And seeing it is now summer, we seem to watch a lot more movies seeing it is too blasted hot to do anything outside until it is about 6o'clock.

Ok back to watching the latest movie...oh joy..Polar least I can pretend that it is cold for a moment....

Love Hugs and Blessing

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday!

So as I woke today, I did not let a curse word fly as I climbed out of bed and put my feet on the floor. I was not in pain from my ankle giving out last night and my knee hitting the floor. I love falling down, it its one of my favorite things. Although I try not to do so when I have Lily in my arms. So I will say, I did not fall last night and throw Lily on the bed in the process. In my defense if I would have held onto her, her head would have hit her crib. Dang my weak ankles!

I did not go into my room and wake my husband up by pulling the blankets off of him and turning the light on. A loving wife would never do that. All the while I did not leave my kids with the bag of cereal and their milk sippies while I crawled onto the couch and slept a bit longer.

I would never let my children draw on me just so I rest a little longer. Nor would I let Lily chew on a non-toxic marker just to pacify her for a moment while my allergy medicine wore off.

I did not let my sink over flow with dishes because I was too busy to do them. I love doing dishes, it is what I live for, along with laundry. I love everything about laundry, and I would never have a pile of laundry up to waist that needed to be washed and that needed to be folded.

And last but not least. I am not counting the hours on the clock until it is bed time. What mother would do that? It's not like we need sleep. Maybe I should try going to bed before 1 or 2am. Maybe just maybe, but who goes to bed early?? Not me!!

Thank you MckMama for showing us a picture of your made me feel less guilty about owning up to my own!!

Love Hungs and Blessing