Monday, March 20, 2017

Bold and Brave

The dawn of this day has already approached and started before I was ready for it. Yet here are the things I am ready for.
  •  I am ready for answers. 
  • I am ready for my girl to start feeling better.
  • I am ready for my anxiety to stop.

We are bold and brave!

Her heart cath is at noon today, so we have to be there at 10. We were told to expect to stay the night because she is the second case of the day. I will post when they start, finish, and the findings they tell me today. They may not tell me all, but I will learn something.

Please keep Lilyana in your prayers today. This beautiful Warrior Princess is about to go and battle. I know it may be just a cath, but even a simple procedure is a lot to handle for her body.

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