Monday, March 20, 2017

Update 1 & 2

 Lily was in good spirits when we got here, she had her friend Tiptop and all was well. We watched the end of Cinderella and then part of Angry Bird, and then we started to panic. But first, look at this beautiful girl.

I could stare at her little face all day long. 

So back to panicking, one minute she was fine, the next she had tears rolling down her bright red face, she started sweating really bad, her heart rate jumped quickly, so it was time for the pink drink. VERSED. If you haven't had it, well, lets just say, it makes you feel sleepy intoxicated or giggly intoxicated, depending on who you are. It takes the edge off and helps you relax, or in Lily's case, sleep. I think the fact that she didn't sleep to well last night, contributed to her falling asleep too. 

I got to go back to Cath Lab with her, you would think she wouldn't have fought at all but man did she fight!! She hated the mask and even half strength fought to take it off. Then all of a sudden it was like a light switch, and she was out.

So now the actual medical side of it. Lily's mechanical valve was detaching right next to the coronary artery, The blood was back flowing around that area, they said it is something they see commonly in adults with mechanical valves. Because truth is, you don't see many kids with these valves, Lily is a small percentage, and an even smaller percentage to have it put in at 2. 

So the fixing solution....Yes you read it right, a fixing solution,...In cath!! As excited as I am, I have hesitance. 

They put a plug in it. I'm not sure what this plug looked like, I am going to have to go do some research, because I have no idea what exactly is happening, because even though this was talked about before she went into Cath, I had no time to do look into this. I'd like to know how long this is going to hold because a plug doesn't sound to promising when it comes to a growing child.

They won't fix the VSD while in there, they said where it is located would cause more harm than good. I am not sure how I feel about this answer either. Needless to say, 2 weeks won't go by quick enough, so I can see Dr.Rhee and pick his brain and ask him my 10 million questions.

For now, I sit here waiting for her to get out of Cath, because she's still not done, she's tolerating everything beautifully, so keep up the prayers, they are helping her so much. I have only cried once so far today, and by cry, a single tear ran down my cheek after I left the Cath lab, and got into the elevator with my husband. He held me in his arms an I was safe. To have my safe haven right now is helping my sanity, I just wish it helped my anxiety.

I will update again soon

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